Nov. 20th report

I think we’ve had a few runs of sierra, but today was the first time that I really caught them. Some nice fish to 7#. Big chompers! We caught one 14# yellowtail in close which was a nice surprise. The water was a little warmer. Tons of bait around. They did well on all species yesterday off of San Antonio. They saw them today, just didn’t connect. We landed one big tail yesterday at the Island. A few small ones and missed a few. Still some good bonita there. The barracuda were thick. The bait was everywhere with thousands of birds working. There was a great afternoon bite for big tail the previous days. One friend went to Loreto for the break down there. It is getting closer but the wind is coming tomorrow. We got over to Tortuga to catch the last couple of dorado. A couple cabrilla at Tortuga and three huge tails at San Marcos. The town of Santa Rosalia was bustling with the mines all open. Wish it was still summer. We’ll see what my friend brings back. Big bass fishing tournament this week. Will be down there soon as the fishing there sounds off the hook.

tight lines,



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