Post-turkey report

A few people managed to make it through the cartels to enjoy Thanksgiving week in San Carlos. Actually they all made it through. A few are waiting at the stops these days, but just be patient and let them do their jobs. I’ve never had a problem or much of a wait, but I just be friendly, try to understand their questions (thankfully I can, and can choose not to when I have stuff to get through), and let them do their job. I’ve never ran across a bad attitude, probably because I don’t bring one. I’ve never been hassled and I even never have had to pay any importation costs. I’ve even got trailors across without good paperwork … although don’t try that these days. They are asking for deposits on toys and trailors too, so just come down and charter.
We tried the Island on Thanksgiving with no luck. I think that afternoons are the time. The fishing has been a little off and on off of San Antonio, but have been finding some large sierra, some bonita, and small to medium-sized yellowtail. Sounded like the action had picked up at the Island yesterday. Time to go hit the bass look soon if I can!

tight lines,


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