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Great Spring bite!

April 24, 2018

Lots of big yellowtail at the Island. They were taking poppers off the rocks.


Almost here!

April 3, 2018

The winds have turned and it is feeling warm. We may see a marlin this week. The Island is still slow, but could turn on soon. They started biting in close yesterday and we caught 20. One today went 12#. Tons of ballyhoo. I heard of a tuna caught.

The tide has turned

February 11, 2018

Starting to feel hopeful that winter is over. The weather has been perfect, but not the fishing. The cold dirty water is clearing up, leaving a lot of starting life. The Island has the bite now, though the fish are finding a lot of crab there. I guess the bite was hot yesterday afternoon. The water is warm and clear to the south, with a week of southerly breezes. We barely saw a single good front this year. Saddest charter month I’ve ever seen, so hopefully people are saving up for the Spring and not all out playing pickleball.

Big yellowtail in close

January 22, 2018

I don’t think my last report saved. So far the Seamounts right outside the harbor have been fairly consistent for a few nice 12-22# yellowtail. The Island and White Rock have produced excellent catches at times too. The weather has been excellent, but it’s blowing this week.

Mid-October report

October 11, 2017

It was a long summer of half-day trips in close for small dorado. We did have a surprise few weeks of bonita fishing. It seems like reports came in throughout the summer from 30+ out of decent fishing. We just had a good tournament, with the action starting about there. A few boats found the sailfish even farther out. Many boats had 3-4 releases on mostly small marlin. Biggest dorado was 17.6#. We caught a few of a dozen just under that yesterday. There are pretty good numbers. Some clear water just came up from the SE, so hopefully we can get some fish in close. Just a few tuna being caught and have only heard of two Blues. Still too early for the other species, but some inshore action is showing. At least it’s not hot anymore.


July 13, 2017

The dorado are showing up 30mi. out. A few in close. We caught 20 in over an hour 8-14# on poppers and ballyhoo. Scratching out a few sailfish. Some bonita and sierra in close. There is cold water on the other side this year. The seaweed is still breaking off, so we’ll see. Reports of tuna far to the south.

June 10th – Summer is here.

June 12, 2017

One last NW wind and then the heat will begin. It has been pleasant. Tons of life out there – turtles, whales, and all. One surprise was a 283# tuna for Buena Vida. Just a few tiny footballs. We released 23 sails in two days to tie two under for second. The action was even better the day before. A few marlin out there, and a few bigger ones. We found a good break and patch 50 out in the Dorado Derby for some mad action, but nothing over 17# for 5th. 23# was the largest. The water is blue and 80-82. This is the month to be here!

April 20th- still waiting

April 20, 2017

On Sunday we started to see the marlin come in on hordes of bait, then the winds came up. It looks like it will blow hard from the south for a couple days next week. We had a few days of good calico fishing. We found a couple yellowtail right outside the harbor yesterday and got one of two grouper that went 55#. A few small dorado were caught 30mi. south. One friend caught 9 at the Island and caught nice fish at Tortuga. It shouldn’t be too much longer a wait for the pelagics.

Well I guess I haven’t reported here! My weekly reports can be found on El Nino ended with some decent dorado in close, smaller ones on the last of the summer debris, a few small blues, one surprise Black in close, and a short marlin and sail bite in close. The numbers were there but the water turned and they weren’t biting, and then they left. The bonita were decent, with a mediocre Sierra run. The yellowtail ran big in close and in huge numbers, but we’re often tough to catch. Found some good cabrilla in a new spot. The Island has turned on rarely with a little more consistent bite up the coast. Overall it has been a tough winter, with good bites lasting a day or two. There has been a ton of bait at times. If they can Digest the crab, this could be a good moon cycle. It seems to be warming quickly, so we could see marlin soon.

March 13, 2017


March 13, 2017