The one that got away.

We had some slow times on the water this week, but you just never know. Many boats are getting a sail or marlin a day. A few dorado are being found as well as some 15-20# tuna if you are lucky. We caught one medium sized dorado today and a sail on the reef. The tuna are lingering in that area and to the south. We hooked into something today that quickly ripped out 250 yards of line at an alarming rate. It showed no change in speed and I was seconds away from giving orders to turn and chase. The fish was on for only twenty seconds before it bit through the leader unfortunately. I’m guessing that it was a very large wahoo, but I can’t rule out a giant tuna or black or blue marlin. We’ll never know. Those are the moments I live for and keep fishing. Many people can see trolling as pretty monotonous, but I’m always hunting with my eyes and know that at any moment everything can change and you could catch (or lose) the fish of a lifetime. I’ll be looking for that next one!

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