Tortuga/San Marcos trip

I was on a friend’s boat staying at Tortuga Monday and San Marcos on Tuesday. We had four to five sails briefly hooked up each way around 32-47 mi. that all managed to throw the hook. Mostly smaller fish and half were baits too. Only one 12# dorado that we released on the way back. We caught a nice 35# wahoo on the way over and a 140# stripe on the way to San Marcos. A few mackerel and lots of blue runners on the hook at Tortuga. At San Marcos I caught a 25# jack on the zodiac off the Rocks and a nice 6# barred pargo from the boat. I saw one school of cabrilla that had a golden cabrilla (spawning color) with it while snorkeling. There were good current rips with some flying fish 5-10mi. either side of Tortuga with some very small scraps of sargasso. I heard of better fishing reports to the north or up the current lines all the way to Martir. The sailfish action was pretty good in the center and maybe some circle hooks would have led to some actual catching. Another captain and crew found the same tricky fish to hook going zero for twenty. Looks like some cooler water is getting kicked up. I’m sure that Adam will be dragging me out again. It’s a tough life. Wahoo sushi at the Wine Bar tonight!


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