Ready for winter?

Am I going Mexican?  Sorry,  just don’t post much. Same old … catching fish. I’m pretty good about a weekly report to,  so go sign up for their newsletter.  I just don’t know who reads these, whether it would make any dent in my site ranking, or who is new wondering who is the best.

Plenty busy at times running a lot of trips.  Maybe working out a few boat kinks, and it looks like we  might have a new 32′ with premium tackle for $80-100/hr.

It was a good summer with a number of tournament wins. New captain will be here December,  but it will take a couple years for me to train Fisher Replogle to drive the boat.  We’ll see what his mother says though.

It pains me to see the water turn green,  but it is still 80 in November with fish around.  The Fall fish are showing.  The water could turn and clear up. Whatever happens we will find the fish and good times.  Hope to see you down here!

Been to a lot of places lately, and still see San Carlos consistently the best overall.



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