May 16th, 2014 We’re back.

O.K. I guess I was saving drafts and not publishing them. I don’t do well with change. Anyhow, we have been fishing hard. A marlin a day for the last five trips with many misses and a lot of cold shoulders from the fish. The temps are up today though and I expect them to be biting with a lot of dorado and sailfish coming in soon. We were still catching a ton of bonita this last week. Some yellowtail at the Island but they switched to live bait. We had some incredible popper action in April when I took the Ironman tournament as the new Popperman with 22 landed. I probably had an equal amount pull hooks and break off on the rocks. Before that we had several weeks of up to twenty a day caught trolling, and many were going 30#. No glory in a couple Costa Rica tournaments besides a ton of fish caught, but we are lined up to fish some big ones this summer. The boat is keeping busy catching fish and I expect another incredible summer. Just not sure if I’m ready for that temperature to climb up yet.


Tight Lines,




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