Close, but no cigar.

Well, now I have a second fish lost to haunt my life. The first one was a 7-800# fish in Hawaii. I didn’t know too much then about drag management, but when a fish that size hits and rips off 500+ yards in a minute you have an issue. I had the drag too tight and felt terrible. This one I don’t even want to get into at the moment, but the hook pulled 70′ from the boat. It most likely was a $1M+ fish in the Bisbee. Hide the razors. This could be my last post. Caught the heck out of everything else though. Water is still warm here. Will get a report.

2 Responses to “Close, but no cigar.”

  1. Gary Graham Says:

    What boat were you on. I was there for the event. I would have liked to meet you.

    Gary Graham Baja, Mexico IGFA Representative Check out the latest “Road Trekker” column published in Western Outdoor News's%20Blog&fbt=y For weekly reports on BDOUTDOORS For features 800 919 2252 or Cellular (760) 522-3710

    • Repsilon Says:

      Hi Gary, We were on Colleen’s Magic. We are taking a boat around this weekend. Have never done the trip before. It should be an adventure! Are you around Cabo? We should be there in about eight days. Drop me your cell phone and I’ll try to call you. Any big ones weighed today on the final day?

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