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post Labor Day report

September 8, 2013

Most days are still pretty nice. Most of yesterday after another of our weekly rains it was around 86 most of the day. Mainly glass calm days with little swell. A few tailers and jumpers, but mostly blind strikes that we see coming in. We had one off half-day this week, but mostly getting 2-5 billfish a trip on half-days. A few dorado out there, with better numbers outside the reef with some floaters showing up. Friends lost one 40# fish yesterday. Few big ones during the tournament, with just a few weighable. 36# was the biggest. We saw a 50# fish. Heard of one 30# tuna caught. Some Blues pushing 300#. A lot of small Stripers. We had one mad rush of fish during the tournament. We got there late and still seemed to miss a ton of fish that day – my friend’s hook style and heavy leader I believe. We still came in third with twenty releases. First had thirty as they hit the hot spots twice. They lost a ton of fish too. Almost all of the 13 boats posted some good numbers. I think we’ll continue to see great action this entire year. I’m sure the yellowtail will come in good again also.

Tight Lines,