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Dorado are showing up

June 22, 2013

We are finally starting to get dorado in closer. A lot of trash and seaweed 12-18 miles out holding fish. The big ones should be here soon it sounds like. There is still a good pack of sailfish out there. We had 6 year-old Jonah bring in three sails early in the week on a nice calm day. Will have to work on the GoPro video of us swimming with the fish. Saw a couple nice marlin yesterday, but they were not interested in playing. A 150# shark grabbed one line though and showed us his teeth at the boat. I think I saw one monster wahoo. Looking like a windy week, but we will be holding on.

tight lines,



Still cathching

June 16, 2013

Still an epic sailfish bite. They are moving around a bit, but it is still excellent at times. My friend said they went through 70 baits the other day and caught 24. A few wahoo coming in off floaters and a few good dorado showing up in catches. Sounds like a big pod of marlin is just outside the reef and lots of dorado on the other side. It should be a great month. Finally broke a sweat the other afternoon. Still feels about perfect jumping in and walking the dogs at sunset. Mornings are nice and dry too. Seas are pretty calm now.

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Best sailfish bite in the world!

June 9, 2013

Arturo and I hooked up and we released 22 sails in four hours for a family the other day. We released 50 over the weekend in the tournament. It doesn’t get any better. Only a few marlin and very few being caught. Sounds like the dorado are feeding on squid and better numbers of 10-15# fish are being caught. Tons of whales and dolphin. Let’s hope the action continues.

Tight Lines,