Almost there ….

The southern winds are up daily, but the wind is keeping it cloudy and cool. There should be a lot of marlin stacked up just outside. We will check it out tomorrow. One was caught 26 miles out. We scratched out three yellowtail today, but the bait is still thicker than I’ve ever seen it. We had twelve anglers in the Ironman tournament, and only fifteen fish were caught. They did have a pretty good day the day before though. Lots of trips, but nothing too special. A few sierras, almost had a bonita, a few pargos, and some decent calicos. We did get one whopping 18# cabrilla though. I’ve only caught one other one that big. Another front, so it will be another week for the dorado at least. A lot of wahoo and tuna showing up far to the south.

Tight lines,


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