April 1st

Had a busy Semana Santa week with people wanting to fish. The bottomfishing was epic on Wednesday with multiple calicos within seconds, only to be off and on the rest of the week. For the most part they did pretty good. The current just got too strong at times. One friend got a 56# grouper. Sounded like the pangas eliminated multiple tons of spawning fish. The yellowtail seem like they might be getting ready as they had lockjaw yesterday. A lot of big ones on the surface chasing ballyhoo. On Friday we got a nice catch of eight. The Island is doing better, but the fish are still focused on small bait. Lots of whales out the other day, caught our first Sierra, have seen a few hammerheads, and then we passed a marlin 1.5 out. It kicked in to our squid, but that was it. Maybe it ran into my other lines with deep divers. Saw a flying fish a half mile out too. Not too far off if this wind let’s up!

Tight Lines,


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