Dec. 16th – Big money in Cabo!

We weren’t sure what we had coming in from the one day Circuito del Mar tournament in Cabo – a $144K fish, or nothing. One lucky 30.8# dorado was what we had to beat out a lot of fishin the mid 20#s. If one lucky wahoo wasn’t weighed it would have been $72K. We’ll take it, and we’re still waiting for the check to clear. Boats were releasing up to five or six a day if you were in the right area. I fished six days releasing seven fish, with three others on, and caught nine good dorado. Still nice and warm down there. Tried the shoreline a few times with no luck. Saw some tuna to 200# weighed that were caught off the Gordo Banks. Lots of whales and took a good swim in the 82 degree water. We’ll just have to try to enjoy a little of our winter here. I think the last marlin was caught on the fourth. We found a few dorado the first week of December. There is a lot of yellowtail just out front and some are getting into the high #teens. They are biting all day long. I think the sierra and bonita may be gone. Some friends brought in some monster grouper the other day. They are also catching some huge corvina in Miramar. Ready for the holidays and then maybe a quick escape to Costa Rica. My blood gets thinner every year.

Tight Lines,



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