The last dorado?

My cousin came into town and we started off the first morning with eight yellowtail and a bunch of sierra for the smoker. We left the next morning for Tortuga. We caught 4 12-17# bulls on the way over. The next morning we picked up a few bonita and some huge skipjack. Then we hooked a marlin on a Rapala and fought it for 45 minutes. It must have jumped 30+ times. We hiked to the crater which was pretty cool. We caught a half-dozen cabrilla, but nothing over 4.5#. Good snorkeling but a little chilly at 74 degrees. Caught four small dorado on the way back. If it wasn’t so rough I think we could have hunted down more fish. It has cooled to 70 in close. Five overcast days, so we’ll see what things look like down south with the next good satellite shot.

Tight Lines,


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