November 13th – the yellowtail are here

We had a couple great catches of dorado last week before the storm rolled through. We’ll see what the temps rebound to in a couple days. We caught a half dozen yellowtail from 9-14# this morning just minutes from the harbor. Lots of nice sierra and bonita out there. I’m sure that the Island is loading up at the moment with the cool water. We caught a nice marlin and a sail last week. The temps were up to 80 degrees and it was glass calm as far as the eye could see on Saturday. We saw the tuna a couple times. There were reports of fish to 40# caught. I saw a couple dorado that were 30# and 35#. Most were 10-20#. We’ll be looking to get some more this week. Lots of bait out there, so hopefully they hunkered down in the storm. There should be a good run of marlin still to come.

Tight Lines,


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