June 26th – record sailfish release?

Haven’t been out too much, or maybe too far I should say. For the last couple weeks we’ve been finding a lot of sailfish just a few miles out. That culminated on Friday with ten plus releases. I’m sure we could have doubled our number if we had just run pure bait. The fish were coming in in packs. At times I was watching fish come in on every lure brought in, with every bait getting hit. I think I was near 100% on hookups after four fish not getting hooked on two previous trips, so back to being a true believer. We did have two hooks come off, but not bad for small sailfish. Best thing is that they are all back in the water swimming happily. Catch ratio on the lures was probably two for thirty strikes. And believe me, my hooks are SHARP. Not sure when the rest of the boats will catch on, if ever. Saw a nice 200# marlin jumping just a mile offshore the other day. Took about twenty leaps. Saw a big Sperm Whale just a few miles out. Most days have just seen a sail or two on short trips. We traded sails for dorado a day later last weekend catching fifteen to 10#. Still a few bigger ones out there, but not the monsters we were seeing or the large schools and sargasso paddies. They are probably north and on the other side, but could cycle back through. Some snapper and yellowtail down deep at the Island. Ten days to the next tournament.

tight lines,


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