June 14th report – Repeat for Team Telamon and our first slam

Great fishing in San Carlos. Having great success with naked ballyhoo on circle hooks and 30# line. One loss though as a large tuna screamed out 250 yards of line and parted what I thought was a pretty loose drag as it screamed around the depths. We did get a tuna the other day, and two sails, two marlin, and six large dorado. The last one was a beautiful 200#+ striper that is still under debate of being a Blue. I’ll take a slam though even if it isn’t a royal slam. We hit multiple weed patches last week for some crazy fishing. One day we had the patch all to ourselves catching and releasing close to fifty dorado, with a couple 35# fish. Still some yellowtail at the Island. The sierra are in, along with small dorado. The sailfish are to within a mile of San Antonio. Water is clearing up and a few tuna are being caught. One was caught 4.5 miles out. There was a report of 100# tuna boiling. A 300# marlin was caught the other day. Ours had the biggest fin I’ve even seen, just six miles offshore. It kicked in and then nothing. Eight minutes later I was looking at the photos commenting that the fin looked like that of a Blue, and that it must have been 3-400#. Then I looked back and Arturo had it hooked up and it was jumping like crazy into the distance. What a fight on 30# line. All fish have been released in excellent condition – except some tasty dorado and one yellowfin.

tight lines,


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