April 22nd – Things are heating up!

Some nice warm water is coming in. I didn’t hear back from the one boat who was headed south in the morning and in 72 degree water. The day before they reported a lot of marlin spotted. One sail was seen on the way in. The dorado should be here today. Tuna? We had a jigging competition yesterday and were begging for mercy. I had to jump into 68 degree water to cool off. My friend Tim and I had ten fish each with a lot of pulled hooks and bites. The fishing was off the hook at times. Second went to one angler with thirteen and first fifteen. We had excellent fishing for calicos on Tuesday with fish to 6#. Arturo caught one that was 11# on Thursday. We hit the bass lake for nearly a hundred fish a day to 5#. Sounds like they were getting fish to 11# farther up the lake. Fast fishing up shallow with crank baits. Tons of fun. Jumped in to cool off the last day and the water seemed a perfect 77-78. I love Spring!

tight lines,



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