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Oct. 30th report

October 30, 2011

The guys are out fishing at the moment, so we’ll see if the lighter winds allow them to find some more fish today. We caught three med. sized bulls yesterday in not too much time. I think we may see a good run of nice dorado here. Things are changing quickly. The bonita were biting at San Antonio yesterday and the Island is full of them. We only caught two this morning. I’m sure that there are some nice sierra in close. We caught some great cabrilla at Tortuga mid-week. We caught two 40# tuna on the way over and one on the way back. Guys on the 180 were getting nice tuna to 70#. The wind may have the fish hunkered down but I think we’ll still see a good run here. We read 79 yesterday, but Terrafin showed 81. The tides are kicking water to 71 degrees up against the shore. I think that will just incite the bait and create some good temperature breaks. Not too happy about the wind killing off the blue water, but we caught tuna in the green and it is all about the bait. Just wish the wind would stop. I want another month or more of warm water fishing. I’m sure that the yellowtail will be showing at the Island. We had beautiful glass calm conditions, shirts off, and 83.5 degree water on the way to Tortuga last Tuesday. The best fishing is on this side at the moment though.

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Big tuna!

October 24, 2011

Things are trying to change but we are still seeing 83-85 degree water out of San Carlos. The northwest winds are blowing more consistently though with a strong front predicted for Thursday. We might see a rapid cooling and the last of the blue blue water here by next week. The air temps have been warm at times and we had humid air, winds, and waves from the south. There were even a few thunderstorms lingering over the mountains.
The news on the fishing front is big tuna. Most of us just got to gaze in wonder at the fish jumping, but some catches of up to seven were had. I haven’t heard of any over 100# landed lately, but there are a few stories of big tuna and marlin lost. Most of the fish are nice 40-60# bruisers. They will put a hurt on even the strongest. A lot of times you would see them jumping or boiling right up until you got to them. Some even had them all around the boat without hooking up. It’s a lot of being in the right place at the right time. It seemed that a couple dozen boats were all within a few miles of each other on Saturday as tuna fever hit a peak.
Some larger dorado are being caught, but for the most part they are still thin in number. The billfish too have been scarce, but maybe there are better concentrations on the reef. The water is still plenty warm, but we may start seeing them group up for the migration out of here, as well as seeing more fish tailing on the surface. Good numbers of dorado could start to be found at anytime too.
Inshore my friend was having tons of success with fun smaller fish on light tackle off of the kayak. He had one battle last a half hour though before the fish won. There are lots of Sierra around. With some cooler water we will probably see the bonita, sierra, and yellowtail make a strong run with all the bait out there. For the moment though, most all we can dream about is big tuna steaks.

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We won the Cup!!!!!!!!!

October 14, 2011

Well there’s the Stanley Cup, the Davis Cup, the World Cup … I could car less about them. We won the Cantina Cup. Sure, maybe a little easier to do so, but it was a good win. My dorado made the min. weight of 15# at 15.0# along with my two sails to win me the coveted D&D award. We caught five sails in a close match. The win earns us an invitation to fish the World Championships in Cabo in May. Time to start training.

Great fishing in San Carlos. Arturo was filling the box today with large sierra, bonita, and even a yellowtail. The were catching them today to 35# at the Island. The dorado are plentiful to 15#. Hopefully the big ones will show back up here soon. Plenty of sailfish and marlin. A few tuna are showing. I’m ready to catch one!

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