July 18th report

Well, it just keeps on proving to be an incredible year for dorado fishing. It seems like the monster 40-50# fish are a little scarcer, though plenty of 30# fish were caught this week. We won’t complain about that. We can’t complain about the weather either. It did blow like crazy on Sunday, and even crazier that it was a winter wind easily a month late for when we could usually see the last NW wind. We were fishing with three other boats and eight wounded but healthy veterans for a ‘mini-tournament’ over the weekend. The billfish are getting a little scarce, but you still never know. A lot of boats are scraping together a release a day, or every other day. If you make it into the blue water there are plenty of small to medium-sized dorado. The boats getting out there are finding a few tuna in the 20-30# range. No one has made a killing, but just one is a good treat. I filled my belly with seared Ahi and raw Hawaiian poke style tuna one night this last week. Now I just need to get a Wahoo.
In the Bay dorado in the 10# range are being found. There are some Skipjack and Sierra Mackerel around. A lot of the billfish are being caught within eight miles of shore. The blue water has pushed in close, with the deep blue water not too far out there at times. One angler reported a massive school of delicious eating Pacific Skipjack tuna not too far out today. The picture this week is what they look like. I wouldn’t throw them back! They are often called Blue Backs out here. They are the favorite bait of big Blue Marlin. I’m ready to see one test the 1000 yards of line on one of my reels, the marlin that is. The water is warming up, but the air is staying reasonable and the days a little more overcast. We’ll be out fishing this weekend, and of course catching.

tight lines,


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