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April 30th – yellowtail bonanza

April 30, 2011

Made it to the Island with Jim and Tim on Jim’s boat. The fish were boiling all over in schools of hundreds. We managed to land ten, losing a few to the seals. The dorado are showing, but nothing big yet. The wind is back up for a few days. Hopefully the water will not cool back off. It has been warm.

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April 21st report

April 21, 2011

A dorado was seen at five miles and flying fish in the bay. I’m sure that marlin and dorado were caught today though. Didn’t hear of any action yet from San Marcos from a couple boats at noon. The center is warming up good, up to 80 on the surface. The rest of the water is in the 72 degree range and winds are light out of the south. The fishing should be turning on out there in days!!! One of our boats caught several bonita and lost a large cabrilla, or grouper, this morning. I finally heard of one large yellowtail caught at the Island and four caught by one boat in the morning off of San Antonio. We caught several decent pargo and several cabrilla this morning. I’m sure the kids have a whole new perspective of fishing over the ‘trout pond’. Arturo caught some more later in the day. One cabrilla this morning was 15#!!! I’m sure the little panga that watched us release it was crying. It was a fat female. If your cabrilla and grouper are fat with a soft belly in the next few months, please release them!!!!!

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Maybe in a week?

April 15, 2011

The winds have been back up and have cooled the water just offshore to 60 degrees. There is 67-68 degree water just to the south. The wind will die tomorrow and turn from the south for a week. The air is hot, so we will see. The yellowtail are out there by the thousands, but slurping bait the size of Rice Crispy Cereal to us. Things could change any day. Not sure if the full moon will help at all. In a week or two things could be on fire. Not sure if they spawned or were just slurping the anchovy hatch. Will let you know when things change. Will be out to see what is biting tomorrow. There are decent cabrilla and pargo in close.

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April 1st

April 1, 2011

I’m pretty sure I saw a marlin jumping today. Get ready!!!