Yellowtail tournament results

Well, for the first time my team didn’t win the tournament. We experienced the coldest weather in 28 years a few days before. My friend said there was ice in her horse trough. Wind chills were below zero at the border. I’ve never seen more wind either. It’s nice today though. Will be hopefully busy cashing in on some charters with the fishing and weather good this week.

The weather has improved greatly to say the least and so has the fishing. The port captain slept in on Sat. (or didn’t answer), so we were going. There were a total of eight boats in the tournament. Some boats had a long trip out the first day. Pancho Pancho with Capt. Abel made the trek to pull out a consistent seven fish catch on both days, with a third place Saturday jackpot and second place overall with a 256.5# total. Costa Lotta started off the action on Saturday reporting five fish at noon and were tied up to a big one, looking for a repeat to win the big fish jackpot. An hour and a half later they pulled up a tail hooked thresher shark estimated at 200# for a clean release. Their energy held for three more fish to take second place for the Saturday jackpot, and ended up with with seven on Sunday for a total of 230.5#. Beating them out by half a pound for third place overall with a second place finish on Sunday was team Telamon, who also took the big fish jackpot with a 31 pound monster. With another 29# fish in their nine fish total for the day weighing 182#, they added to their first day total of three fish at 49# for a grand total of 231#. The stars of the tournament with first place in all five jackpots though was Fun Ticket led by Capt. Sergio. They put together seven fish on day one that totaled 148# and nine fish on day two for 194# for a total of 342#. I’ll do the math for you … that’s an average of 21.375# a fish! Reel Lucky came in on Sunday to weigh ten fish for a total of 150.5# and the third place Sunday jackpot.

In summary:

1st Place – Fun Ticket 342#

2nd Place – Pancho Pancho 256.5#

3rd Place – Telamon 231#

4th Place – Costa Lotta 230.5#

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