Good Island action

I was able to go to the Island with my friend Adam on Telamon the other day. We had great success trolling and jigging for fourteen yellowtail. Four were large ones. I had caught a nice cabrilla, until Adam held it out over the water thinking it was dead. The next day we mainly trolled, and the jiggers weren’t doing too hot either. We had about eight keeper sized yellowtail and one cabrilla. A little slower yesterday with only four, but we lost about the same number. The average size was increasing. We did watch a panga get a marlin in 66.5 degree water yesterday. It went ballistic jumping around the boat. Several more were seen and a guy did claim to have released three the other day in 67 degree water. We might see some here as the water is now 69-70 is some areas. I did see my first sunfish down here and it was huge. Maybe well over 1000#. I guess they get up to 5000#. Maybe we’ll see a marlin soon.

Happy Holidays!

Team Margarita

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