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The last marlin

November 30, 2010

I think we caught the last two marlin on the 24th. Caught one five minutes before sunset. I was glad the charter didn’t lose the first one and the rod as he slipped and cracked a rib. Way to take one for the Team Terry! Didn’t find any dorado, but lots of dolphin and whales. We tried the Island to no avail that Monday and caught one marlin just off of San Antonio.
That Tuesday we only found one of two yellowtail, but then caught four 7-16# cabrilla, 8-9# sierra, a bonita, snapper, skipjack, and two corvina. We ate well! Had less success on another outing but still got a nice cabrilla and big 9# snapper. First fish, so the kids were happy. Yesterday we hit the Island and filled the box – eight bonita, three small yellowtail, and three from 18-27#. They are off and on at San Antonio, so the Island might be the place, weather permitting.

I shed a few tears putting away the summer gear. It will be a long winter I think. At least it’s not snowing here!!!!

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A bitter end?

November 21, 2010

Thought we had a great day in front of us yesterday until the patch of fog off the point blossomed into a front. It was alright in the fog and we caught a small dorado and missed another. Then Adam got impatient hearing other people catch fish farther in. I wanted to run south to warmer water and hopefully more dorado and tuna. The day before we caught five good bulls, had a good Blue in the spread, and saw a sail. I don’t like seeing summer go. We were coming back when a splash happened behind a bait. Then a bill came up and a take. On the second drop the fish stuck and took a couple nice leaps – a Blue of about #170-180, but after thirty seconds it came undone. Still lots of marlin just offshore, so maybe we can still get a Stripe. Lots of wind predicted. Plenty of med. sized yellowtail out front, but they are tough to catch. I’ll miss those glass calm days chasing ripples caused by dorado. Another boat went 3 for 7 a couple days ago, and I guess the three were Blues. But where were the tuna this Fall? Some big yellowtail are showing at the Island. They should blow in this week, and the marlin probably out. We’ll see.

Marlin in close.

November 13, 2010

Catch of the year was made by my father, his friend Bob, and Captain Arturo the other day … and even without me! They were out in the morning catching medium sized yellowtail, bonita, and sierra, only to head out, all within eight miles, to catch five striped marlin. They missed one big one, and our friends caught a Blue around #250 the other day. Lots of marlin within the first few miles. We have been consistently catching them. Maybe we’ll try for the big yellowtail at the Island tomorrow. We caught ten nice dorado the other day about 15-25mi. out. Not sure if anyone has tried the ‘tuna hole’ 35-40mi. out which has nice76 degree water. There is still time.

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Nov. 1st – still lots of billfish and the yellowtail are here

November 1, 2010

Things are changing quickly in San Carlos but don’t fret. I’m sure that I’ll be chasing dorado to the south for another month at least. A windy week but things should be calming down by Wednesday. As our winter residents slowly come back into town, so are our winter fish. Some boats have been picking up medium sized yellowtail at San Antonio, along with bonita. From reports just a little up the coast past La Manga, we should see some large sierra soon. As boats were picking up yellowtail and bonita out front, they were also seeing marlin, sailfish, and dorado!
We found the best bite on Monday on the end of the reef and just outside. Our catch ratio wasn’t too pretty, but we sure had a lot of fish pulling line. Lots of large sailfish and big striped marlin around, as well as the dorado. There have been a few big Blues and Blacks caught, along with several wahoo. A few tuna were caught but no strong run was reported. Not to say that you couldn’t find the motherload farther out.

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