the Bonita are here

We picked up a charter at an old eco lodge up the coast today. We then headed to the Island. Had a billfish knocking on the long rigger but couldn’t get a bait to him in time. At the Island we picked up a bunch of nice bonita, a few cabrilla, and some pargo. Tried for the yellowtail and wahoo for a few minutes. Picked up a sail and a few dorado on the way home.

A 470# Blue was weighed the day before. Three days of wind and not many boats out. The fish should be stacking up down south. Not sure where all the tailing Stripers are, but they should be grouping up for a migration soon. Sounds like some big fish are being caught in the Bisbee. I’m sure we’ll see a few here too. I just want to hit the tuna though!


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