The tuna are here!

Mixed emotions about the last couple days. On Thursday the tuna showed with a couple boats bringing in a nice catch of 25-30# fish, along with dorado. Yesterday though the pressure dropped and the bite was much slower. A lot of green water out there, so we might have to run a bit from here on out. Some billfish were seen in close. The weather is still nice and the water pretty warm, so things are far from over. I held down the ReMax fort on Wednesday while Arturo went out and did fair on small dorado, with a small Striped marlin and one about #130. Yesterday they caught a blue of about 200#. One boat did get the only tuna, but it weighed about 120#!!!! One 30# dorado was caught, but for the most part the catches were light and smaller fish. We caught three smaller ones, missed one med. bull, and landed one of 25#. We did pass a small mako that jumped right next to the boat which ended up hitting an 18″ purple and pink lure. We left him a nice lip ring. That’s the first mako I’d ever caught. We’ll see what today holds for Arturo. I’ll be back out tomorrow!

tight lines,


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