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the Bonita are here

October 21, 2010

We picked up a charter at an old eco lodge up the coast today. We then headed to the Island. Had a billfish knocking on the long rigger but couldn’t get a bait to him in time. At the Island we picked up a bunch of nice bonita, a few cabrilla, and some pargo. Tried for the yellowtail and wahoo for a few minutes. Picked up a sail and a few dorado on the way home.

A 470# Blue was weighed the day before. Three days of wind and not many boats out. The fish should be stacking up down south. Not sure where all the tailing Stripers are, but they should be grouping up for a migration soon. Sounds like some big fish are being caught in the Bisbee. I’m sure we’ll see a few here too. I just want to hit the tuna though!


Sunday Oct. 17th – dorado mayhem

October 18, 2010

We passed a rope today that we had passed a few days ago with but a few small fish. Today it was LOADED with a lot of nice fish. If the bulls weren’t 15# I’d try to lose them on the jump. Within seconds of the jig hitting the water another fish would swoop in and grab it. We had a marlin and a sail on for a little bit and missed a couple other bites. No one found the tuna, probably because everyone had caught their limit and had headed in before noon. We ran into the same rope on the way in and it was several miles closer. The water was blue, winds from the south, and there were a good amount of flying fish. Things are far from over.

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The tuna are here!

October 16, 2010

Mixed emotions about the last couple days. On Thursday the tuna showed with a couple boats bringing in a nice catch of 25-30# fish, along with dorado. Yesterday though the pressure dropped and the bite was much slower. A lot of green water out there, so we might have to run a bit from here on out. Some billfish were seen in close. The weather is still nice and the water pretty warm, so things are far from over. I held down the ReMax fort on Wednesday while Arturo went out and did fair on small dorado, with a small Striped marlin and one about #130. Yesterday they caught a blue of about 200#. One boat did get the only tuna, but it weighed about 120#!!!! One 30# dorado was caught, but for the most part the catches were light and smaller fish. We caught three smaller ones, missed one med. bull, and landed one of 25#. We did pass a small mako that jumped right next to the boat which ended up hitting an 18″ purple and pink lure. We left him a nice lip ring. That’s the first mako I’d ever caught. We’ll see what today holds for Arturo. I’ll be back out tomorrow!

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Dorado plague!

October 13, 2010

I’m back. A little tired after seven straight days of fishing. We had a nice trip in September to southern Utah and Lake Powell. Got a little sampling of everything and the scenery along Highway 12 is spectacular. Back in San Carlos and fishing like mad!

Maybe one day I can get to some pics, but I don’t want to tease you too bad.

Caught a nice Blue just under 200# yesterday. It took all three guys on board to bring it in for a good release. Fished with my buddy Adam on his boat last week after getting back and the bite was on. The dorado started to come in and back in September, but they are really here now – we saw at least a half dozen different schools of up to a hundred fish the other day. We are consistently catching a lot of bulls in the teen to 20# range. Not a lot of big ones, but they sure fight good. We’ve hooked a few on the spinning rod that we wish we hadn’t. The last couple days have seen epic dorado numbers. All we are keeping our our limit of nice bulls. Good numbers of sailfish and marlin. We saw a 400# Black caught right next to the Island. Had one nice Black take a good look at our lures the other day just a mile off. The tuna should show any day now, along with a few wahoo. I’d expect the marlin fishing to blow up soon too and the sierra to run strong. Then the bonita and full on yellowtail fishing. Inshore action should start up soon too, as well as the bass lakes and there are a couple November tournaments. The weather has broke the water is refreshing, calm, and it just doesn’t get any better than this. Hope to see you here!

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