We had to concede.

Last weekend saw the first ever Hooked on San Carlos tournament. The fishing really turned on. I got our with one family on Wed. that we caught a couple small dorado for and a small striped marlin. On Thursday I went out with the three guys who I fished the tournament with whose boat was not yet fixed. We caught a marlin, sail, and three med. sized dorado. Went out with another couple the afternoon before the tournament and found another two sails. Things were looking good!
First morning I fought a sail for 25 minutes to within ten feet of the boat before the hook pulled. We managed a marlin and sail that day but that wasn’t near enough for this tournament. We caught three small tuna but then they turned into swarms of skipjack. The last day we started off with one sail, a dorado, and then missed chances at several multiple hookups. Then we got a double. The fish came in fast and when I counted down to when the camera shot should happen, the camera guy was late. Hi son the leaderman was probably trying to line up his fingers for the code numer for the camera shot when the fish shot up and straight through his forearm. Right through the radius and ulna and out the other side. It slid right out and he kept holding on. The fish kept jumping up and almost into the boat. Time to let go! He finally did and I cut the fish off, not even caring if we got the photos. The other angler let his line go slack and his fish was off. We ran straight home to Rescate! Oh well.
16 boats brought in 61 billfish, 16 dorado, and three tuna. There were lots of small tuna around this week and some larger ones seen. Lots of bait and life out there. The rains came early last week one evening and everything is bright green right now. The water has been very flat. We are still seeing some ‘cool’ temperatures, but it is warm at times. Not that much humidity though. Who really cares that much as we are seeing the best fishing of the year right now! Fortunately, and unfortunately, most all my business is focused on bay cruises and short trips to martini cove. We’re having fun though.

tight lines,



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