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May 24th report

May 25, 2010

Things are heating up for tournament season. We caught the first tuna of the year on Wild Bill of Deadliest Catch’s boat on Saturday. Only one, but it gave us a good taste of ahi sashimi. At the Wine Bar I seared it, cut sashimi, and made poke. Now I hope that I can find another one!
Also in the box this last week was seen a wahoo. They too are one of the best fish to eat and can often be an early season surprise catch. The pangas are working the reef pretty hard for bottomfish. I have seen some nice large calico bass in the cooler at the Esterito. Some big dorado are starting to be caught. Most of them are five to ten miles outside the reef chasing the flying fish. If you see diving frigates then head over there fast.
Lots of billfish out there. Some are being caught, but we sure are losing a lot. They seem to be slashing the baits more with their bills rather than trying to swallow the baits. I think I’ve had ten marlin on, but not for more than a minute. They are even throwing the hooks on the baited lures. Maybe it’s just my bad luck. That’s O.K., becuase I’m saving all my good luck for the tournaments!
Memorial Day weekend is the annual Ladies International Fishing Tournament. Come down and check the weigh-ins on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Though it seems like the real competition is between their male captains, these ladies take the competition very seriously. It is a lure and angler tournament with the ladies competing for the holy grail of the mythical crystal salad bowl. I have only had the chance to see it once. The week after will be the two day annual Rescate Yacht Club fishing tournament. After that, myself and Ruby Wine Bar will host the first Father’s Day Tournament where we will be crossing over to Santa Rosalia and back for a fun two day tournament. Looks like a few more days of wind, but then the summer season will begin. Hope to see you on the water!

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May 19th report

May 20, 2010

Lots of great action this last week. We were only able to catch one yellowtail at the island, which was the same for the other boats there. We managed a few snapper in close. A friend speared a huge grouper there and saw many others. The pangueros had nice cabrilla at the Esterito, but didn’t look like they were catching many that day. We saw our first marlin coming back and it went after every lure until I got it to take a bait. We got it half-way in before it got off. They were catching dorado farther out, which we found over the next several days. Lots of small dorado around the weeds. Some are into the mid-20’s, but the big ones are not too far off. The are lots of marlin and sailfish out there. After losing two more hookups, I finally broke my curse and we landed a sail yesterday. Now maybe the odds will turn and they’ll stay hooked throughout the fight! All sorts of life out there. We saw a whale shark that was 50′ long and 12′ wide! That was the most amazing thing I ever saw. The most amazing thing that ever happened was the other day. I dropped the first line in the water with a lure the Rapala rep had given me. I checked the drag and reset in and as I was pushing the drag up .. the fish was on. Unfortunately the marlin got off after twenty seconds. I don’t think I’ll ever get a bite that fast again! Should be a great season. Get on down!

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May 8th report

May 8, 2010

I haven’t been out in weeks! At least some real estate business is coming my way to help offset the costs of both boats being in the shop. We got the Margarita V back in the water today and the ‘new’ engine sounds very good and expensive. Heard reports of “wall-to-wall dorado and filled boxes, as well as loads of unhungry marlin, but one double hook-up on the reef. The season is starting finally! Still some good yellowtail fishing at the Island too.

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Great eating!

May 2, 2010

Here is a picture from one of  Team Margarita’s trips last week…both Yellowtail and some excellent eating Red Snapper. As one of our friends said, “it’s a great time of the year to spend a couple of early hours at the island, and then troll the reef for the marlin and dorado that are starting to show up”.

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