April 5th report

The crowds have left but the fish sure haven’t. If you haven’t noticed all the sealife around then you need to get out to the beach. I must have seen five hundred turns today screeching as loud as the Semana Santa crowd in the estuary. They are enjoying their Spring. In-between their mating rituals they are finding lots of baitfish to keep their energy up. The bay is full of huge amounts of baby sardines. Expect all the big ones to be right behind this yearly event!

We made it to San Pedro a few days ago for an epic yellowtail bite. Our new friend who had married a girl from Hermosillo brought his father and brother-in-law along. He lost the first fish to the rocks, but the old man pulled out the strength to get the next one. After losing a few more fish, the young guys started winning a few battles. The father lasted for one more fish before the boys started hooking up two at time. I think he won major points with the family! It was great to finally start catching fish jigging. The fish were all around 20# and were readily taking live bait and jigs. Expect a few more great weeks of yellowtail fishing before they begin the spawn on the next full moon. I’ve heard reports of the pangas catching fish to 50#. They get big in the Spring.



This cooler is about 44 inches in length!

This cooler is about 44 inches in length!

 Tim , Bryan, and Capt. Arturo working his fillet knife…..

Tim and Bryan

Todays satellite shots show incredibly warm water on the way. Confirming that are reports of 69-71 degree water out front and pictures of marlin on the surface. A few boats have seen them lately. Expect the dorado to show up in the next few days possibly. They might not be big at first, but they are on their way. I was told of a tuna boat that caught fish up North in cold water, so they too could show very soon. Maybe we’ll ‘summer fishing’ by next week. I know that I’ll be getting ready.

Lots of great inshore action around. Small and larger sierras are around. The small yellowtail have been showing up sporadically at San Antonio. Lots of small skipjack are coming in on the Miramar side of the bay. All the pargo, cabrilla, and other bottomfish should turn on soon. Big grouper will also be coming in shallow to spawn. Get out on the boat to see all the great sealife that shows up in our warmer cooler waters. I saw a nice mako the other day and a muge manta ray at the Island. The whales should be coming by soon.

tight lines,



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