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February 1st

January 31, 2010

ytjansm1groupsmWe had two boats out today. In the morning we caught a large yellowtail off the seamounts. The fish then came up outside and we caught eight smaller fish. The other boat caught a couple 8-10# grouper and a 12# white sea bass, along with bottomfish. We went back out in the afternoon and caught a lot of 3-6# golden spotted sea bass and one 15# red grouper. Will be back out in the morning!


January 17th report

January 17, 2010

Things got a little tough there after the full moon. The pangueros were sure pulling them in with bait. I think they and a few netters may have taken a toll. We had fish up the other day and a few this morning, so the birds finally got something to eat. There are still bonita in! We had two quadruple hookups this morning. Yesterday we caught four smaller yellowtail and one large one, along with eight bonita. Not sure if anyone had much luck today. Didn’t hear of much at the island. The bottomfishing should start to pick up here, weather permitting.

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Jan 7th report

January 8, 2010

Some big fish are in close. The Island is still a little slow. It’s shaping up a lot like last year. Shorty easy successful trips any time of day right out front. The boat caught some nice bottomfish yesterday … weather permitting. The dates of the Yellowtail Tournament looks to be Feb. 19th and 20th.

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New Year’s Report

January 1, 2010

I guess that I’ve been busy fishing. Lots of charters lately. Until the full moon the bite was spectacular. We’ve been catching some large yellowtail right off of San Antonio. They are still biting right now, but around midday and down deep. Had a great day at the lake a few weeks ago. We caught a couple dozen 1.5-2.25# bass. Still some bonita, sierra, skipjack, and barracuda out there. I expect the excellent fishing will continue once they stop feeding under the light of the moon all night. Looking forward to a great of fishing. I think the pelagics will be back early. A friend thought he saw a marlin jumping the other day just offshore. The water is warm enough.

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