Margarita V adopted by pod of orcas!

Over the recent Thanksgiving weekend Bryan and his captain had the privilege of hosting the Calley family from Flagstaff for an “eco cruise”…that turned out to be a “once in a lifetime” event. The original objective was to swim  with the sea lions at San Pedro, and that turned out to be a success. The following are a few pictures from that activity (courtesy of David Calley and his Canon EOS Rebel!). I’ve not yet been able to identify the school of tropical reef fish that gathered around the boat..but I think they might be a variety of tang or clownfish.


However, on the return trip a pod of 10-12 orcas surrounded the boat somewhere near Bandito point and Club Paridisio, and then played with the boat for the next 30 minutes.  In my 31 years of boating experience in San Carlos I have never observed more than 2-3 orcas, so this was a unique experience. Fortunately for the sea lions of San Pedro, this does not appear to be a mammal eating pod…and perhaps they are addicted to squid or fish.  I have cropped the best pictures and the set of following pictures helps to accentuate the observable difference in males/females/juveniles via the dorsal fin.

Probably a female:


Probably a juvenile with sharp curve on dorsal fin



Solid and tall triangular dorsal fin of  male:


Male with juvenilemalejuvie-fins


Mom and calf:momcalf1


Female or juvie?


Twosome..probably mom and her calf:twosome

Sorry we can’t guarantee this kind of fun on EVERY trip!

Happy Holidays, Dick

Team Margarita Sportfishing.

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