Dec. 6th report

We made it to the island on Saturday on my friend’s boat. First drop and I had a yellowtail. Second a bonita and the third another yellowtail. Unfortunately that one broke us off as well as another dozen on the rocks. We caught over fifteen large bonita and over fifteen large skipjack. We put four big and two smaller yellowtail in the box.

I thought that seeing the first marlin jumping less than a half mile off the south tip was cool (and a good sign). When the bite cooled, we went to the north tip and saw another jumping in close. We decided to try trolling for a bit. We were headed back in close to try for bonita and had one jump inside us less that a couple hundred yards off the island. Yesterday we saw one just two miles off San Antonio and had another marlin feeding by the boat inside of that. The currents and winds are from the south and it looks like the dorado may be back within twenty miles of San Carlos. We might be on a tuna mission tomorrow on my friend’s boat.

Lots of yellowtail in close. We passed countless schools yesterday but they were on small baits. Maybe if I had scaled down the size of my baits I could have got a few. Our first pass I hooked one on the surface and we had another break off on a light spinning rod. We caught about seven bonita. The ‘run and gun’ fishermen and jiggers may have gotten a few more. What a great sign though. The fish were all over San Antonio and even the seamounts boiling. I guess that they have been catching them in the afternoon. It’s looking like a repeat of last years epic yellowtail fishing!


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