Nov. 20th report

Still some warm water fish out there. The weather is nice, so conditions may improve and the fish could move back in. My friend said there were lots of marlin out there. He caught 21 small dorado. Of the four boats out, two 30#+ dorado were caught. No signs of the tuna yesterday, though things can change in a day or they could be found. We had one on last week and missed a few bites. There is lots of bait out there – flying fish and sardines.

There are some yellowtail being caught at the Island. We caught three small ones in close off San Antonio along the rocks with the sierra. A few bonita are being caught there and there are lots at the Island. We caught a dozen nice ones one day, along with a dozen sierra on the way up the coast, and found a dead whale loaded with small dorado.

Just off town and around the rocks we have caught nice 3-7# pargo and cabrilla. I would bet that there are plenty up the coast if you fish off the rocks. The sierra fishing at times couldn’t be better and we have been catching fish up to 9#. They sure taste good smoked!

Will be hopefully going to the bass tournament at Oviache/Obregon in the morning. I don’t want to just stick with the limited types of fishing here, right?

Let me know if you have interest in sharing a boat with others at a very economical price this winter (it sure doesn’t feel like it though).

tight lines,


Team Margarita Sportfishing

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