Nov. 16th report

Last Friday we went out to 26mi. in some ROUGH seas. It did calm down a couple times though. We caught a peanut and one medium sized dorado, losing one larger one near the boat. Had a sail almost hooked up and a marlin follow the lure. We ran with some dolphin for forty minutes losing one tuna and getting three other bumps. The water color has cleared up a bit. It is still warm and hopefully several weeks away from being over. Last year I found many marlin and dorado in 71-74 degree water, which is the surface temp right now. The break just south of us is still showing 78 degrees. We have found most our dorado lately located on a current/temp break around 21mi. out.

The strangest thing maybe that I’ve ever had happed! I passed the same boat cushion on three trips over a six day period each times ten miles in the opposite direction. What are the chances?

On Saturday we worked our way up to San Pedro in rough seas again. We caught one bonita losing another before Deer Island. Lots of sierra on the way up, and the birds were working the rocks heavily up the coast. What a beautiful coastline, and I’m sure that casting into the rocks would have produced amazing results. We found a dead whale before the island and caught a dozen small dorado. You could see a lot of chunks taken out of the whale by the sharks. We saw one nice 8′ shark that quickly left before we got a bait out. I think then I really would have seen the color come out of my Armanian clients. The island was loaded with nice 6-8# bonita. What great sushi Adam!!! We caught about a dozen along with more small dorado. No luck jigging for yellowtail yet, though some were caught the week previous.

Sunday saw great action for the sierras to 7# around the rock before Deer Island. We caught one small yellowtail off Marini Cove on the way out and lost one nice fish off of San Antonio. A friend was out in the morning catching sierra and four small yellowtail there early. We will be trying in the morning! Hit the water in the afternoon for some windsurfing and then some excellent corvina fishing.

Today we found an awesome amount of 2-4# yellowtail pargo in the bay just north of Honeymoon Island in around 15′ of water, along with a few cabrilla.

Here is a picture of a nice cabrilla caught  by one of our happy clients:cabrilla

Tight lines,


Team Margarita Sportfishing

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