Beach Fishing Report

OK, so you are stuck on the beach at Pilar/Delfin and wake up at the crack of dawn like a lot of old guys like me. There is a lot of action  between daybreak and sunrise, and you can have much fun with light tackle, including a fairly long rod to get casting distance.  Last week I caught several roosterfish each day (of course my faithful golden retriever helped a lot!) and various other fish .

including a bonefish, pompano, needlefish, and sierra mackerel. It seems to vary by day what kind of fish you are likely to catch, and clearly it is superior when the water is calm. There are millions of baitfish lining the shore, but the predators seem to be more active when the surf is calm. Another angler caught and released several 2-3 pound fish that might have been corvina at the estuary mouth and on an incoming evening tide. The fish are small,  but large enough to give a good fight on light tackle. The biggest rooster was about ten inches. Best bet for lures are the smallest Kastmaster you can buy with a tiny white roostertail. What also works is a large float (filled with water for distance) and about 1.5 inches of a MacDonalds straw (cheap lure but it works!).

Tight lines, Dick

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