Sunday Nov 8th report

A little quiet at times today but the water was beautiful and the air cool. It was actually warm at times. Check out the water temps! Some even above 80. The water is getting clearer and bluing up to the south and west.

The bite seemed to be in the morning and I believe many fish were overshot in the search for tuna. We missed several bites from billfish and had some follows. We had one hooked up for twenty seconds and another pull off 350 yards and take some nice jumps. We passed six tailing and saw a dozen jumpers. We landed four dorado and missed more. Some bulls to 25# were caught. Most of the fish seemed between 11-26mi. out and were in the current lines. Our other boat caught three and lost a 30# tuna at the boat at 18mi. out. We passed a nice school of common dolphin in the same area but no good signs of tuna today. Who knows about tomorrow? Things are far from over. The Stripers haven’t even started to pack (group) up yet. The sails seemed to be a little farther out than 24mi., but they are still there. The weather forecast looks flat for the next seven days.

Pack up and get down here!

Team Margarita Sportfishing

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