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Nov. 20th report

November 20, 2009

Still some warm water fish out there. The weather is nice, so conditions may improve and the fish could move back in. My friend said there were lots of marlin out there. He caught 21 small dorado. Of the four boats out, two 30#+ dorado were caught. No signs of the tuna yesterday, though things can change in a day or they could be found. We had one on last week and missed a few bites. There is lots of bait out there – flying fish and sardines.

There are some yellowtail being caught at the Island. We caught three small ones in close off San Antonio along the rocks with the sierra. A few bonita are being caught there and there are lots at the Island. We caught a dozen nice ones one day, along with a dozen sierra on the way up the coast, and found a dead whale loaded with small dorado.

Just off town and around the rocks we have caught nice 3-7# pargo and cabrilla. I would bet that there are plenty up the coast if you fish off the rocks. The sierra fishing at times couldn’t be better and we have been catching fish up to 9#. They sure taste good smoked!

Will be hopefully going to the bass tournament at Oviache/Obregon in the morning. I don’t want to just stick with the limited types of fishing here, right?

Let me know if you have interest in sharing a boat with others at a very economical price this winter (it sure doesn’t feel like it though).

tight lines,


Team Margarita Sportfishing


Beach Fishing Report

November 17, 2009

OK, so you are stuck on the beach at Pilar/Delfin and wake up at the crack of dawn like a lot of old guys like me. There is a lot of action  between daybreak and sunrise, and you can have much fun with light tackle, including a fairly long rod to get casting distance.  Last week I caught several roosterfish each day (of course my faithful golden retriever helped a lot!) and various other fish .

including a bonefish, pompano, needlefish, and sierra mackerel. It seems to vary by day what kind of fish you are likely to catch, and clearly it is superior when the water is calm. There are millions of baitfish lining the shore, but the predators seem to be more active when the surf is calm. Another angler caught and released several 2-3 pound fish that might have been corvina at the estuary mouth and on an incoming evening tide. The fish are small,  but large enough to give a good fight on light tackle. The biggest rooster was about ten inches. Best bet for lures are the smallest Kastmaster you can buy with a tiny white roostertail. What also works is a large float (filled with water for distance) and about 1.5 inches of a MacDonalds straw (cheap lure but it works!).

Tight lines, Dick

Nov. 16th report

November 17, 2009

Last Friday we went out to 26mi. in some ROUGH seas. It did calm down a couple times though. We caught a peanut and one medium sized dorado, losing one larger one near the boat. Had a sail almost hooked up and a marlin follow the lure. We ran with some dolphin for forty minutes losing one tuna and getting three other bumps. The water color has cleared up a bit. It is still warm and hopefully several weeks away from being over. Last year I found many marlin and dorado in 71-74 degree water, which is the surface temp right now. The break just south of us is still showing 78 degrees. We have found most our dorado lately located on a current/temp break around 21mi. out.

The strangest thing maybe that I’ve ever had happed! I passed the same boat cushion on three trips over a six day period each times ten miles in the opposite direction. What are the chances?

On Saturday we worked our way up to San Pedro in rough seas again. We caught one bonita losing another before Deer Island. Lots of sierra on the way up, and the birds were working the rocks heavily up the coast. What a beautiful coastline, and I’m sure that casting into the rocks would have produced amazing results. We found a dead whale before the island and caught a dozen small dorado. You could see a lot of chunks taken out of the whale by the sharks. We saw one nice 8′ shark that quickly left before we got a bait out. I think then I really would have seen the color come out of my Armanian clients. The island was loaded with nice 6-8# bonita. What great sushi Adam!!! We caught about a dozen along with more small dorado. No luck jigging for yellowtail yet, though some were caught the week previous.

Sunday saw great action for the sierras to 7# around the rock before Deer Island. We caught one small yellowtail off Marini Cove on the way out and lost one nice fish off of San Antonio. A friend was out in the morning catching sierra and four small yellowtail there early. We will be trying in the morning! Hit the water in the afternoon for some windsurfing and then some excellent corvina fishing.

Today we found an awesome amount of 2-4# yellowtail pargo in the bay just north of Honeymoon Island in around 15′ of water, along with a few cabrilla.

Here is a picture of a nice cabrilla caught  by one of our happy clients:cabrilla

Tight lines,


Team Margarita Sportfishing

Sunday Nov 8th report

November 12, 2009

A little quiet at times today but the water was beautiful and the air cool. It was actually warm at times. Check out the water temps! Some even above 80. The water is getting clearer and bluing up to the south and west.

The bite seemed to be in the morning and I believe many fish were overshot in the search for tuna. We missed several bites from billfish and had some follows. We had one hooked up for twenty seconds and another pull off 350 yards and take some nice jumps. We passed six tailing and saw a dozen jumpers. We landed four dorado and missed more. Some bulls to 25# were caught. Most of the fish seemed between 11-26mi. out and were in the current lines. Our other boat caught three and lost a 30# tuna at the boat at 18mi. out. We passed a nice school of common dolphin in the same area but no good signs of tuna today. Who knows about tomorrow? Things are far from over. The Stripers haven’t even started to pack (group) up yet. The sails seemed to be a little farther out than 24mi., but they are still there. The weather forecast looks flat for the next seven days.

Pack up and get down here!

Team Margarita Sportfishing

Fishing update

November 2, 2009

Well I’ve been a little busy getting married! Now that that is over with maybe I can get back to fishing. So where are the charters???

Got out today with one group for four hours. We went about a mile before our first hook-up. We had four sierra on and they were the largest I’ve seen all year. We kept going back and forth over the same spot until we had a dozen 4-8.5# sierra and a half dozen cabrilla up to 7#. Maybe I’ll give out the location in a few days.

I was snorkeling the first island (Blanca) off of the Pilar beach a week ago when the water was clear. There were tremendous baitfish on the west side. I swam over one drop and then started to see the cabrilla. I saw at least a dozen to 10#, hundreds of nice sierra, skipjack, large ladyfish, and many other species. The snorkeling was excellent. Wish I had a rod. The bait is still there and all over in close. Just look for the birds. A kayak is probably your best bet to attack them. Let me know if you’d like to rent one –

Off the beach at Pilar the guys are getting some nice smaller fish. We had great battles today with the larger sierras and cabrilla. I’m going to try the light tackle tomorrow!

I thought I overheard some bonita caught (probably at the island). One panga pulled in a nice catch of yellowtail at the island (not sure how deep). There is a great sierra bite around Deer Island. I saw them popping all over off of the Posada beach this afternoon. I guess some sails and dorado were seen in close. One boat got some 37mi. south today. It sounded a little thin from the rest of the fleet that was out today. I might not sleep too well tonight but I am not going to be discouraged. The water is still warm and hopefully after the full moon, mellower tides, and lack of wind for a few days it will blue up. The marlin have got to be moving back through soon. There is an awesome temp break coming our way. When it hits the island the yellowtail should definitely be on. Saw a nice catch of golden spotted bass and small grouper from the pangueros, who I believe caught them just down from the sea mounts.

If you come down you shouldn’t be disappointed. Maybe I’ll find some time to sample the corvina coming in or the bass lakes that should be turning on soon. Most likely some pelagic mania will reward us again.

The week before most of the bite was on the reef and just outside. Lots of small bulls in the 7-15# range. We found one large tree that produced some great action before I had to run in for the rehearsal dinner (priorities?). Temps are around 78 with the break down to 74. It ain’t over yet. I worked that temp break last year out to 30mi. south of us for tuna, dorado, and marlin until Dec. 5th last year and the water is warmer this year. Hopefully we’ll have some excellent offshore reports soon. The weather sure is nice and it’s the last chance you’ll get until next year!

tight lines,


Team Margarita Sportfishing

Captain Joshua...anglers Bob, and Ken

Captain Joshua...anglers Bob, and Ken