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9/25 report

September 25, 2009

The fishing is improving rapidly. Will try to keep the reports coming now. I have lots of people coming in October to fish. We might have both boats going at times. If your stay is limited you might need to make a reservation! I should be putting together some share boats, so let me know if you are interested.

San Carlos is still cleaning up from Jimena, but things are coming along. The main road into town should be fixed this weekend. The Corona Light fishing tournament took place Sept. 19 and 20th. To the disappointment of many, the first year of the tournament may be labelled the Corona Light “kill” tournament. Up to a dozen underweight sails and a couple underweight marlin were weighed. Four sails did make weight with a pair of 80-90# fish taking the first place Ford 250. A 60# dorado weighed in, but few weighable dorado over the 20# weighable mark came in. Only one black at 375# weighed to take the first place Ford Lobo, also won by the Que Rico team who also won first place for sailfish. Next year we will hopefully be able to iron out length minimums, encourage catch and release with penalties and a separate category, and maybe eliminate the sailfish category. Fortunately the fishing wasn’t better. Many fish were lost as the sails were small and the fish were finicky. I won’t soon forget the two weighable marlin and large sail that spit my hooks. At least they’re swimming free. Many fish were released though.

The fishing is picking up. Most of the fish in the tournament were out in the center past 30 miles and to Tortuga Island. There is debris everywhere yet it is still attracting bait and there does not appear to be many dorado around (or left from the longliners). Good numbers of peanut dorado are in closed with some up to 10#. Lots of big skipjack and sierras in close. The bays are loaded with baits. The billfish do appear to be moving in closer. On charter the day after the tournament we lost a marlin at 9 mi. and missed sailfish from 4-12 mi.

Loads of marine life around. The whales are everywhere out in the center. The seas are calm in the mornings. Some west and even NW winds have come up lately. Temps are in the mid-80s. Air temps are getting more comfortable. Great fishing is just weeks away. A few random tuna were found!

Ask me about the inshore Fall fishing. I’ve been able to walk down from my house and catch nice 2-4# pargo this week. I did hook one nice 7# jack trevalle that took out a hundred yards. The skipjack were boiling all over the bay. The small roosters should be showing up at Pilar in a few weeks. A great time in the Fall is simply to hop on a kayak. Let me know and I can deliver them to you. My rates for charters vary depending on the wear and tear of the boat, so ask me about prices for customized in-shore trips.

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