8-28 report

We ran out yesterday and stopped right after seeing our first and only jumper of the day. Tried the reef and quickly lost interest. A couple hours later as we were discussing poor reports and the slow fishing, a nice big fin popped up behind the bait. As I was waiting for the attack, another fish came in on the big short petrolero. The fish took my bait but only stayed on for a second, about as long as the other three hits. Had another sail come in two more times on the petrolero. I was later dropping a bait back after just changing it, when my line started coming off a little faster. I set the hook and a nice sail took a couple nice jumps before throwing the hook. Never saw a dorado. Sails have been spotted at 3 and 8 mi. The other boat out did find some 25 pound tuna 35mi. out on a 160. Will be keeping an eye out for a tropical disturbance that may come our way. We need the water to cool off to bring the fish up, or back. Had some great hamachi (yellowtail) at the Wine Bar. Still, the pangueros ice chest looked a little slimmer with only a few yellowtail and maybe ten snapper. Sounds like up to seventy boats are coming for the September Corona tournament. Hopefully around 15 boats will arrive for the Labor Day tournament. I think that things should get pretty exciting!

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