The latest catch…

Well, sorry again about not reporting. Is anyone out there reading? Let me know please! (

Lots of fishing lately, … not too much catching. Have been doing well on in-shore outings and sunset cruises catching 3-5# sierras, skipjack, a few baby dorado, and even some bonita. They make awesome sushi! Found ourselves fishing the Island on request the other day. Reuben put us on a spot that had loads of large salmo (whitefish). I had never seen 5# salmo before. I think I pulled up two at a time four times in a row. I let back a small dead skipjack to see if a fish would find it. A half hour later, line started peeling off. As I set the drag a sailfish started jumping across our stern. With a big bow in the line it only stayed on for ten seconds, but it sure was exciting. We have passed a lot of large 150-300# marlin lately. I will have rigged sierras ready from now on, and we are working on adding tuna tubes. They just don’t seem too hungry yet. The sails are though, though their battles haven’t been too spectacular. No large dorado catches on our boats, but some have goten lucky finding floaters out there holding lots of fish. A few have been caught close to 50#. Biggest marlin of the year have been a 300 and 500# fish. They should be biting soon though. Looking forward to the tournament next week. Anyone looking for a boat to fish on?



Team Margarita Sportfishing


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