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The latest catch…

June 28, 2009

Well, sorry again about not reporting. Is anyone out there reading? Let me know please! (

Lots of fishing lately, … not too much catching. Have been doing well on in-shore outings and sunset cruises catching 3-5# sierras, skipjack, a few baby dorado, and even some bonita. They make awesome sushi! Found ourselves fishing the Island on request the other day. Reuben put us on a spot that had loads of large salmo (whitefish). I had never seen 5# salmo before. I think I pulled up two at a time four times in a row. I let back a small dead skipjack to see if a fish would find it. A half hour later, line started peeling off. As I set the drag a sailfish started jumping across our stern. With a big bow in the line it only stayed on for ten seconds, but it sure was exciting. We have passed a lot of large 150-300# marlin lately. I will have rigged sierras ready from now on, and we are working on adding tuna tubes. They just don’t seem too hungry yet. The sails are though, though their battles haven’t been too spectacular. No large dorado catches on our boats, but some have goten lucky finding floaters out there holding lots of fish. A few have been caught close to 50#. Biggest marlin of the year have been a 300 and 500# fish. They should be biting soon though. Looking forward to the tournament next week. Anyone looking for a boat to fish on?



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Fishing Report…June 16th and earlier

June 17, 2009

Bryan’s been busy fishing, so I will add some updates.  Fishing has been very good over the last couple of weeks, but “catching (and releasing)” of billfish has been limited.  Last weekend we hosted some friends from Smith/ Martin Autobody and Paint shop in Tucson (they do outstanding, quality work). On the second day we found a dead whale (daily occurence in nature!) and had some excellent success with about 12 dorado caught and most of them released. Our best success was a “X-Rap” rapala, but this took a little more finesse since the smaller treble hooks often pulled out of the fish’s mouth too easily.  Here is a picture of Rob and Val with a couple of the bull dorado.doradofromwhale

Yesterday, however, was our best day with Bryan and Capt. Joshua releasing two sailfish, and keeping one large dorado (will be baked for a family reunion next weekend). They also had a nice marlin hooked, but an angler error on the drag (hint: don’t release the drag while fighting a fish!) allowed that one to become an “accidental release”. They had other billfish chances as well, and spotted many sperm whales in the area they were fishing. Most of the boats in the San Carlos fleet that fished yesterday came back with some dorado…or a least a few stories on the billfish they had hooked for at least a few minutes.  Most of you reading this post will understand that billfish are tough to keep hooked due to their aerobatics.

For weeks now we have seen many, many tailing on the surface, but when we approach them they have not been hungry.  That seems to be changing a bit and hopefully they will turn on for the  Billfish Blowout tournament over the 4th.

Not many tourists in San Carlos right now…residual effect of the swine flu scare(no cases reported in Sonora!), so there is no problem getting condo or hotel reservations. We’re looking for some tournament anglers (i.e. experienced anglers) to put together two small teams so that Team Margarita has a better chance of extending our tournament reputation. If you have any interest, please contact Bryan (



June 3, 2009

Sorry that I haven’t been posting. Maybe we’ll start to get things together. A bit of business on the beach over Memorial Day Weekend. Charters are up and running. Working on getting the marketing up and running. Help me out and just book a charter!

Well, what trips do I remember?

Took my cousin on a three-day trip to Tortuga and Conception Bay. On the way over he landed a nice 175# striped marlin. About eight miles from the island I saw the birds and the action began. We caught five small tuna before we hooked a dorado and lost them. Caught a few more dorado and pulled up to the island for the night. Lots of little red menpache at the island and big mackerel. I would have liked to have dropped them down to the bottom the next day. Ceviche and sashimi for dinner!

  The next day we found billfish jumping around the island. Chased the birds for a few hours. Dozens of 20-30# dorado were chasing schools of up to 100-200 flying fish. We caught close to 15 that day, releasing 15# fish. We kept four 20-25# fish and caught three more tuna. Missed the 35# bull. Cruised in to check out Conception Bar, set foot on Baja, and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

 Only a few fish on the way home, but a nice smooth ride across. Time to package fish! Kraig left with a full cooler.

First charter saw one sail and two dorado, with another sail and a few dorado lost.

Day before the tournament saw two 27# bulls and a sail.

The tournament saw fickle fish again. Caught a sail and lost a marlin at the boat on day two.

Yesterday we caught three dorado (one 33# fish) and two sails.

Ballyhoo basics: if the fish lets go on the initial take- swim the bait again, hold your rod high for the strike, and keep repeating until they swallow. Usually by the third or fourth take, they’re tired of the game, hold on, and you’re hooked up.

tight lines,