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Day of the Pig: Revenge May 17, 2009

May 18, 2009

An unsavory character was spotted yesterday in San Carlos attempting to have a good time recreating after creating havoc with a postponed wedding.  The creature even attempted to steal a boat before being subdued, hung and thrashed by Bryan (San Carlos Aquatic Adventures) and Lisa (Ruby Wine Bar). Fortunately for residents and tourists of San Carlos, pig1the threat is now ended and May 17th will now be recognized as a holiday, at least at the Ruby Wine Bar.pig2pig3pig4pig5pig6pig7pig8pig92

Tuna.. tuna..tuna!

May 17, 2009

Yellowfin tuna arrived last week and many boats had outstanding days. The Margarita V had two successive afternoons  (Tue and Wed) where we filled our coolers with 45 pound class YF tuna in less than an hour.  The tuna are still here but seem to be a bit more finicky. Three of us chased them for several hours on Friday evening and had big schools popping up continuously, but the only fish we landed were some good sized dorado. Other boats yesterday had mixed results..some tuna, some dorado, and some (released) billish. We released one large sailfish and will post pictures later. Many, many billfish are being sighted in the 8-12 mile range and they seem to be just starting to get hungry. Overall, outstanding fishing with great variety.tuna512

white sea bass

May 12, 2009

wsbsmallJim Oakes and I went out last Sunday to the sea mounts and ended up with some good eats. Jim caught the cabrilla, which was followed up by the white sea bass. We had something very large saw off our 150# leader on the rocks. The yellowtail seemed to have left for deeper water.


May 12, 2009

Wahoo..1st of seasonMay 10

An exciting day on the water..excellent dorado fishing and the first wahoo (about 35 pounds) of the season.  Come on down to San Carlos…the water, weather, and fishing are perfect.

tight lines, Bryan

happy anglers

happy anglers

Dorado, Striped Marlin are here

May 12, 2009

May 8

Well , the dorado are running thick at times. We had a school of 200 circling us today. I think we hooked thirty, though only five or so were brought it successfully. There is an art to keeping them on with heavy lures and light tackle. Caught one on the fly, but the rod snapped because more line was not let out for the angle of the rod. It felt good though. Biggest was 20#. There were some large ones caught today.  Only saw two tails today.

tight lines, Bryan


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